Hemma hos Wardins V33

Trädgården fullkomligt exploderar! Squash, bönor, potatis, solrosor, bär, lök, broccoli… ja, vår bästa grönsakstid är nu!

för några veckor sedan åkte årets andra volontär vidare på sin resa. En tjej vid namn Lena som kommer från Tyskland. Hon valde att spendera 2.5 vecka tillsammans med oss på falbygden och vi är väldigt glada över att fått träffa henne! Tack Lena för all din hjälp, för våra fina samtal tillsammans och glada skratt.

Här kommer en liten hälsning från henne till er, i både text och bilder!

Hello, everyone! My name is Lena, I’m 27 years old, I’m studying to become a primary school teacher and I’m from Germany. I’m spending a total of about 3 months this summer in Sweden, 2.5 weeks of this are with the Wardin family on the farm. For the time in Sweden I wanted to get to know nature with the numerous lakes and different places as well as activities like canoeing or cycling and to enjoy life in nature in a tent. That sounds great, but it was just as important to me to get to know the culture and the “real Swedes”. And what better way to do that than to get in touch with the Wardin family and be lucky enough to live with them as a volunteer wwoofer?
During my time here I was able to experience an incredible amount and I will always be grateful to my Swedish family for that and will always keep them in my mind. An important reason to come here is, of course, to get to know permaculture and organic farming. Because it is a matter close to my heart to learn more about it and maybe one day, when I own a house with a large garden, to become a hobby gardener. However, the Wardin family has shown me so much more than that, for which I am so incredibly grateful. But where should I start to report about it?
A special experience was camping one night by the lake with my wonderful “big sister” Matilda and spending a great evening by the fire, grilling sausages for hot dogs together and watching Sven-Åke and Simon go fishing. In the immediate vicinity of the lake is the town of Alboga, where two sisters own a flower shop and a chocolate shop. Here I had the pleasure of trying fantastic fudge and super delicious chocolate chip cookies with salt. At this point I would like to thank Maria very much for this spontaneous idea. Another highlight for me as a sports lover was the evening on the lawn by the church in Jäla, where 2 towns played Brennball against each other, wonderful people from both parts of the village came together and ended the evening with a cozy get-together and a barbecue. I am very proud to say that I played for Jäla. The town of Jäla has a lot of four-legged residents. On the one hand I think of Ariel, the loveliest dog I have ever met and a permanent member of the Wardin family, and on the other hand of Per’s cows, which I milked with Matilda and Ben on my first evening. What wonderful animals!
But I will always look back fondly on the many trips we made together! Falköping, the city of the delicious Ost Mejeri with a fantastic buffet, the cruising event, which was attended by young and old alike and last but not least the wonderful farmer’s market. On one side was a stand that sold us both fantastic Kanelbullar and 3 different delicious breads – my personal favorite was the kale bread, which I have never eaten before but tasted very good – and on the other side was a baker , offering sensational cake for our next Fika time! I will never forget the fika time with the Wardin family and it was definitely a highlight for me as a coffee and cake lover!
I was also able to get to know the historic surroundings of Falköping. For hours Maria quietly told me historical stories about graves, monasteries or even small houses, took me together with Sven-Åke to the studio of the great and very talented artist Göran Löfwing and accompanied me to wonderful viewpoints on Mösseberg and Åleberg. I was also allowed to accompany her to the Reko Ringen on a Tuesday and deliver their orders to customers in Floby, Falköping and Broddatorp.
At this point I would like to thank the Wardin family from the bottom of my heart for this eventful, instructive and loving time on their farm. I wish them all the best and I look forward to the day when we meet again.

Tack Lena!

Just nu har vi 3 volontärer hos oss, varav en utav dom var här förra året. Det kommer en liten hälsning från dom också framöver!

Vi laddar för Mekelsmäss och funderar ni på när vi har öppet så hittar ni det under fliken “På Gång”!

Vi ses!